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Norz Management

Norz Management is a global leader in music and artist management, combining the highest principles of management with an incomparable range of services.
At Norz Management we strongly believe that Artists should be allowed to concentrate on being creative, whilst the day-to-day activities of the business are taken care of by us.
It is our belief that our artists should be enabled to focus on their musical creativity whilst we take care of the day-to-day business activities.
We provide specialist advice and support to further our artists careers whilst continuously nurturing our new signings and making preparations for the launch of some of the best finds within the industry today.

We deal with all aspects of artist

Contract negotiations
Private jet bookings
Tour coordination and production
Crew travel and logistics
Strategic development of artistic brands
Growth strategies
Planning and managing media interviews and public appearances

Artist Services


Professional representation and expert support for world leading artists


Advice and guidance for ambitious musicians looking to further their careers


Intensive support and career planning for professional musicians


Unparalleled support for musicians, managers and agents with complex requirements

Booking Agency

We bring together promoters and Artists from various musical backgrounds and negotiate and organise public, corporate and private performances worldwide

Who We Work With